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June 22, 2021

[팟캐스트] (81) 문재인 당대표 당선 외2건

  • PUBLISHED :February 11, 2015 - 19:21
  • UPDATED :February 11, 2015 - 19:32
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진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 문재인, 새정치민주연합 당대표 당선

기사요약: 2012년 대선 당시 야권 단일후보로 나와 박근혜 대통령에 간발의 차이로 패한 문재인 의원이 새정치민주연합의 당 대표로 당선되었다. 새로 선출된 당 지도부가 총선을 1년 앞두고 있는 가운데 낮은 지지율과 당파 갈등 해결 등 산적한 수많은 과제들을 해결할 수 있을지가 주목된다.

Moon wins NPAD chair

[1] The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy on Sunday picked Rep. Moon Jae-in, former confidant of the late former president Roh Moo-hyun, as its new chairman at the party convention in Seoul.

*main opposition: 제1야당  (ruling party: 여당, minor opposition: 소수야당)
*confidant: 측근 (aide: 보좌관, right-hand man: 오른팔)
*chairman: 의장, 회장, 대표 (party leader/chief: 당대표)
*party convention: 전당대회

[2] Rep. Moon, who lost to President Park Geun-hye in the 2012 presidential race, defeated Rep. Park Jie-won in a close contest by winning 45.3 percent of the final count. Rep. Park won 41.8 percent of the votes. More than 71 percent of the party’s 15,019 delegates participated in Sunday’s vote.

*close contest: 접전 (win by a whisker: 간발의 차이로 승리하다. came a within a whisker of winning: 간발의 차이로 패배하다)
*final count: 최종 집계
*delegate: (투표의) 대의원, 집단의 의사를 대표하는 사람. (동사) 권한・업무 등을 위임하다

- 선거 및 국회 용어 정리
vote: 투표하다, election: 선거, general election/ parliamentary election: 총선, presidential election: 대선, regional election: 지방선거
National Assembly: 국회, Parliament: 영국 등 국가에서는 의회, 한국의 경우 국회, lawmaker/legislator: 국회의원, Senate: 미국의 상원, Congress/The House of Representative: 미국의 하원, senator: 상원의원, congressman/congresswoman: 하원의원

[3] Moon and his council will serve a two-year term and oversee the party during next year’s parliamentary elections. For Moon and his council members, victory brings on tough challenges ranging from controversial policy debates with the governing Saenuri Party to reknitting a party wracked by factionalism and worryingly low public ratings. 

*term: 임기
*bring ~ on: ~를 야기하다/초래하다 (=bring about)
*ranging from A to B: A에서 B까지 통틀어 (=spanning from A to B)
*reknit: 재결합시키다 (reconcile: 화해시키다, make amends with~: ~와 화해하다:)
*wrack: 고문하다, 부수다, ~로 곤혹을 치르다
*factionalism: 파벌주의, 당파싸움
*worryingly: 걱정될 정도로

기사전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150208000382

2. 작년 세수 결손 11조, 역대 최다

기사요약: 지난해 세금이 정부 예측보다 11조나 적게 걷히면서 1998년 금융위기 시절보다 많은 사상최대의 세수 결손을 기록했다. 기재부는 이것이 기업실적 악화로 인한 법인세와 부가가치세가 저조했던 것 때문인 것으로 분석하고 있다.

Tax shortfall hits record high

[1] South Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance said Tuesday that the national tax revenue fell about 11 trillion won ($10 billion) short of the government’s target last year due to decreased corporate tax and value-added tax earnings.

*tax revenue 조세수입
*fall: 감소하다 (=decrease, drop. 폭락하다: plunge, plummet, 상승하다: increase, rise, 폭등하다: skyrocket, shoot up)
*fall short of ~: ~에 미달하다
*corporate tax: 법인세
*value-added tax: 부가가치세

[2] Although Korea’s tax revenue increased 3.6 trillion won to 205.5 trillion won last year, it was still 10.9 trillion won less than its target of some 216 trillion won, noted the Finance Ministry, which closed its books on gross earnings and spending for fiscal 2014.

*note: 지적하다, 덧붙히다 (notable: 주목할만한, 중요한)
*close books: 회계장부를 마감하다 (books: 회계장부)
*gross earnings: 총 소득
*fiscal: 재정상의, 국가 재정의 (fiscal year: 회계연도)

[3] The shortfall marked a record high in the government’s third straight year of tax revenue deficits. It was higher than the shortfall of 8.6 trillion won in 1998 during the Asian financial crisis. The ministry attributed the increased tax revenue shortfall mostly to decreased corporate tax earnings stemming from weak corporate performance.

*shortfall: 부족분,
*record high: 최고기록 (=all-time high, the highest-ever)
*deficit: 적자 (<->surplus: 흑자)
*financial crisis: 금융위기
*attribute A to B: A의 원인을 B에서 찾다.
*stem from: ~에서 생겨나다/기인하다 (=derive from)

기사전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150210000948

3. 이완구 총리 후보자 언론 외압, 녹취록에서 드러나다

기사요약: 이완구 국무총리 후보자가 최근 언론인들을 상대로 압력을 가했다는 의혹이 나왔다. 이 후보자를 둘러싸고 이미 병역과 부동산 관련 의혹이 제기된 데 이어 언론 외압으로 해석될 수 있는 이 후보자의 녹취록이 10일 공개됨에 따라 여야가 인사청문회 동안 치열한 공방을 벌이고 있다. 

Recording shows P.M. nominee tried to intimidate journalists

[1] Prime Minister nominee Rep. Lee Wan-koo came under severe attack by opposition lawmakers at his parliamentary hearing on Tuesday as they disclosed voice recordings of him allegedly trying to intimidate journalists.

*nominee: 후보 (=hopeful, candidate, designate, appointee)
*come under attack: 공격(맹비난)을 받다 (come under fire)
*parliamentary hearing: 국회 청문회 (confirmation hearing: 인사청문회, 인준 청문회)
*disclose: 공개하다 (=reveal)
*voice recordings: 음성 녹음 기록
*allegedly: ~하는 것으로 추정되는, 주장된 바에 따르면 (supposedly)
*intimidate: 위협하다

[2] Rep. Lee, the ex-floor leader of the ruling Saenuri Party, was nominated by President Park Geun-hye last month. But accusations including real estate speculation, draft-dodging and intimidating journalists have endangered his appointment. 

*ex~: 전 ~ (=former)
*floor leader: 원내대표
*accusations: 의혹 (=allegations, suspicions)
*speculation: 추측
*draft-dodging: (군) 징집기피 (mandatary military service/duties): 병역 의무

[3] The disclosure of Lee’s voice recordings was expected to intensify a partisan fight over whether the appointee was fit to serve in the nation’s second-highest official post. Lee, who has acknowledged the voice in the recordings was his, will have to convince legislators of his eligibility by Thursday, when a plenary vote decides his nomination.

*acknowledge: 인정하다 (=admit)
*eligibility: 적임, 적격 (eligible for~ : ~를 위한 자격이 있는, qualification: 자격)
*plenary: 총회

기사전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150210001185

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